Why We Are Here
Cricket believes online returns are an investment, not a cost.

Today's shoppers overwhelmingly value the ability to return.
A retailer’s return policy influences up to 85% of online purchases.

Great returns experiences make retailers stand out
Customer service is surpassing price and product quality as a brand differentiator.

Generous return programs are expensive.
Online retailers spend an average of 9% of their revenue managing returns (by comparison, an average of 8% of revenue is spent on marketing).

Returns are a powerful tool that should be optimized.
Carefully targeted returns programs can increase the loyalty and lifetime spend of high value shoppers, and preserve margins from riskier transactions.

Cricket is the first SaaS solution that focuses on the effectiveness and ROI of online returns.
We help retailers optimize their return policies like the best marketing, resulting in more sales, better loyalty, and higher profits.

Cricket was founded by leaders at some of the top e-commerce companies in NYC.